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Paiste Pearl Remo Pro-Mark Protection Racket Porter & Davies

I'm currently playing a Pearl "Reference" kit which is pretty loud and very solid.

I use this one kit for nearly everything. It sounds fantastic live and in the studio. I still use the MMX kit too on some gigs and sessions but the Reference kit is quite special.

I'm quite fussy in that I like to match the drums with the proper hardware. Luckily the Pearl hardware is very strong and reliable.

Paiste Signature Series cymbals... they're the best in my opinion. My sticks are supplied by Pro Mark-Millenium 2 707 Hickory.

Skins are by Remo. I normally use pinstripe for the toms and black spot for the bass drum. Snare skin is a reverse black spot white coated.

I've been using the Porter & Davies BC2 for a short while and it has already made a big impact on me. Seriously impressed! Absolutely brilliant "bit of kit" and now I can't be without it.

Last but not least, a good couple of these...

Andy Ball Paul Myers

(Drum wizardry required, gurning optional)