© Harry James 2009

Best known for his work with Thunder, Harry James is one of the best-loved drummers on the rock circuit. Heavily influenced by his late father and the likes of Ian Paice, John Bonham, Keith Moon, Stewart Copeland, Phil Rudd, Billy Cobham and Cozy Powell, Harry started playing drums at the age of eight and has been a gigging player since his early teens.

Harry has toured and recorded extensively with Magnum and worked with many other acts including Snakecharmer, Bad Influence, Shadowman, The Ian Gillan Band, Graham Bonnet, Don Airey, Mick Ralphs and Paul Young.

Backed by Pearl, Paiste, Pro-Mark and Protection Racket, Harry is renowned for his distinctive and powerful playing style, his love of live performance and rapport with the audience. And his undying love and support of Crystal Palace FC!

You can currently find Harry out on the road touring with Thunder and Cregan & Co.